Integrated Management

Integrated Policy

HAP Engineering, working in the civil construction, it has the commitment to integrate the issues of quality and environmental activities and practices of the company, in order to add value to its business through the Integrated Management System. Because of that, the HAP Engineering is committed to:
– Reducing the waste of materials.
– Recycling, reuse and minimize production of waste.
– Encouraging and practice responsible use of natural resources.
– Motivating employees to act in a safe and environmentally friendly, according to the quality requirements applicable to the activity that each person plays.
– Establishing partnership with suppliers that attend appropriate standards and practices to preserve the environment.
– Preventing the occurrence of significant environmental impacts, ensuring continuous improvement.
– Complying the environmental laws, contractual requirements, providing quality services and attending customer needs.

Health and Safety

HAP ENGINEERING considers the health and safety factors fundamental to the achievement of a successful business and promoting the welfare of our employees and all those involved in our activities and business.
The risk of accidents in our daily work is studied and the safety control structure. Each employee has a duty to perform their job responsibly, fulfilling the requirements of individual and collective security.
The Hap seeks to preserve and protect the integrity of the work, involving everyone the most of this policy to practice healthy behaviors and attitudes as safe and legal requirements