The duplication works of the BR-116, in the northeast of Bahia, follow the schedule and have 500 professionals. Currently, the teams work on earthmoving, drainage and current works of art.

HAP Engenharia integrates the HAP-PLANEX-CONVAP consortium, which is responsible for the basic and executive design of engineering, execution of works, duplication, implementation of side roads,
capacity, restoration with Improvements and special works of art in the road stretch of 53 kilometers that contemplates the cities of Teofilândia, Serrinha, Lamarão and Santa Bárbara.


The duplication of this part of the highway will reinforce the connection of Feira de Santa to the municipality of Serrinha and is an old demand. Serrinha, which already includes state roads, will now have a road ring. The conclusion is expected to boost investment in the region.