A land of 14,000 m² with more than 2,000 m² of constructed area is used by the Hap Engenharia and consortium teams as a construction site and support for the duplication activities of BR-116 in Bahia. Broad and well structured, the site has administrative facilities, support, accommodation, recreation area, cafeteria, among others.

In the main building the professionals can use the accommodation for 100 people, besides the area of coexistence and leisure. The administrative and support part is formed by a cafeteria with 200 seats, locker rooms for men and women, offices, laboratory, room for Medicine and Work Safety, workshop, warehouse, washing area, lubrication and drilling.
The site has a water reservoir with capacity for 20 thousand liters, a Sewage Treatment Station (ETE) and will also receive industrial facilities for the production of asphalt, gravel etc.