Well before the asphalt covers the area that will be transformed into highway, professionals of Hap Engenharia and the consortium responsible for the duplication of the BR 116 in Bahia put into practice the Plan of Rescue and Rescue of Fauna.

From the removal of the vegetal cover, first stage of the work, it is necessary to adopt a series of measures to minimize the environmental impacts. In the suppression and cleaning of the stretch of 12 kilometers professional work in the registry of species that could escape, in the rescue of wild animals, such as snakes, armadillos, foxes among others. Everything is registered and shared with the responsible bodies. In the case of capture, the animal is evaluated by veterinarians before being relocated to a previously determined preservation area.

The actions are part of the bidding process of the work. One of the characteristics of this activity in the Bahia work has facilitated relocation. As the release areas are close to the suppression stretch, it has been practical and fast to reinsert the animals in the free area, avoiding long confinement.