01/08/12 – The road duplication in Pelotas began in August 2012, and the movement of the machinery, trucks and many workers show HAP began in full power. The works, which should be completed in three years, are the responsibility of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT).
Besides doubling the lanes, overpasses are planned access to urban areas, ensuring the isolation of traffic on the highway. The side streets will also contribute to the safety of the surrounding residents, avoiding the heavy traffic of highway gets too close to homes and neighborhoods, reducing accidents.
Reflecting concern about the safety of workers and the community and the environment, workers HAP Engineering participated in the month of August an activity for Environmental Education, promoted by DNIT, aiming to show some important precautions to prevent accidents and impacts on the environment during their activities. The lecture addressed since the correct disposal of waste to the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that contribute to safety, welfare and quality of life of workers.
The goal is to awaken the importance of caring for flora and fauna during construction, proper separation of waste and prevention of accidents at work keeping the employee informed about the importance of the environment in which they work, and its relevance to the performance of the works.